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New name with New courses!

New name! New courses!

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Published on: 11/02/2022 News Archived

The Interoperability Academy starts the new year with some good news!  

Did you know?

The ISA² Programme has evolved into Interoperable Europe an initiative of the European Commission for a reinforced interoperability policy! The Interoperability Academy is now Interoperable Europe Academy. The new name comes along with two freshly published courses which will level up your advanced digital skills and competences in the fields of data interoperability and open source licensing.

Stay tuned! This will be very exciting year!

JLA course

The first course is of special interest to IT professionals and public servants working in the field of digitalisation and integration of public services, as it gives insights into how to select the proper licence for ICT products and solutions. With the Joinup Licensing Assistant course you will be able to get a solid understanding about Licensing and the added-value provided by the Joinup Licensing Assistant in this regard, in order to support you to define the conditions under which a certain solution may be freely shared and reused.

If you are a data steward and your position requires you to describe data assets in base registries, or you need to understand the complexity of accessing data, then the Access to Base Registries eLearning course is the one to follow. This course will help you understand how to overcome the barriers regarding the interconnection of base registries, standardisation of data, and the use of different tools, specifications and guidelines which will help you in this process. The

ABR course
course offers an overview of the main concepts supported by practical examples which will help learners better grasp the topic and become able to implement it in their daily tasks.

Both courses can be followed at your own pace, anytime, free of charge. After each learning module, you will have the opportunity to take a quiz and receive a certificate of completion!

To learn more about the other topics available under the Interoperability Academy use the keyword interoperability in the search engine of the EU Academy to receive a full list of courses.

The Interoperability Academy courses tend to boost advanced digital skills in  the public sector and help minimising the digital skills gap, especially in the field of interoperability. This is very important milestone for eGovernment services because it will help delivering easier, quicker and efficient public services at lower cost and administrative burden since the users would know what tools and how to use and reuse them properly.

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