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The EIF Toolbox is designed as a guidance for national public administrations to equip them with the tools necessary to align their National Interoperability Frameworks (NIFs) with the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) in order to promote interoperability at national and European level.

The structure of the toolbox provides a complete and holistic approach on interoperability and allows users to access information and reusable solutions or components to tackle specific aspects of interoperability when designing a new digital solution.

The EIF Toolbox contains guidance documents on the theoretical background of the framework (EIF Pillars), offers information that highlights the implementation needs of the EIF’s 47 recommendations and 12 principles, and provides operational solutions covering the alignment and implementation aspects of this exercise.

Furthermore, aiming at providing a complete support and guidance to the wide range of potential users, and to improve their experience on the toolbox, the EIF Pillars section integrates a set of interactive elements, more specifically, EU legal/policy initiatives, good practices and concrete examples as well as open standards and specifications related to the implementation of the EIF.

The EIF toolbox is a dynamic solution and will evolve over time emphasising on practical success implementation stories, thus bridging the gap between public administrations and interoperable digital public services.

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