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The 9th edition of SEMIC, the annual sematic interoperability conference, was held in Helsinki, Finland of the 21st of October 2019.The event was co-organised by the ISA² Programme of the European Commission in collaboration with the Finish Presidency of the Council of the EU. The event gathered policy makers, IT practitioners and researchers to participate in discussions on semantic interoperability for public administrations with a focus on creating value for citizens.

The theme of this year´s conference was "Linked Data Spaces for Citizens", where the concept of trans-European data spaces available to public administrations was discussed and how these spaces create a frame for experimenting and implementing interoperable cross-border digital public services.

In this context, ideas on how cross-border and cross-domain exchanges of information can ensure better public services for citizens were presented. Moreover, the speakers pointed that enabling trust in new technologies and anticipating pro-actively the citizen’s needs are key elements to ensuring successful digitalization of public services.

These considerations were complemented by concrete case-studies, where participants could learn about cross-border examples of data exchange between public administrations as well as the potential of new technologies in giving citizens more control over their own data.

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