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The 1st digital edition of SEMIC, the annual semantic interoperability conference, took place fully online on 15 October 2020. The event, organised by the ISA² Programme of the European Commission in collaboration with the German Presidency of the Council of the EU, brought together policy makers, IT practitioners and researchers interested in topics related to semantic interoperability for public administrations. The online 2020 SEMIC conference was themed around ‘Sustainable Data Services’.

This event demonstrated how large-scale data and vocabulary providers can implement semantic versioning while considering complex dependencies. 

Participants learned about examples of cross-border data exchange between public administrations and find out about the potential of new technologies. Parallel sessions, illustrated by case studies, were held on:

  • Methods and tools for the versioning and maintenance of semantic assets 
  • How interoperability can help exchange COVID-19-related datasets across Member States
  • Optimising open data portals and user interfaces
  • Community-based semantic modeling with Wikibase and Wikidata

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