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Experts on Core Data Models gathered in Riga

Experts on Core Data Models g…

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Published on: 15/05/2015 News Archived

On May 6, 2015 the ISA Programme of the European Commission hosted the 2gr workshop on core data models for public administrations. The workshop was held in Riga, back-to-back with the 5th conference on Semantic Interoperability for e-Government.

The workshop brought together more than 30 experts- members of the Community of Practice, from 14 countries, next to representatives from European Commission Institutions, to share their experiences with the development, management and applications of core data modes, i.e. foundation data models that capture the fundamental characteristics of data entities in a context-neutral fashion.

During the workshop, the participants:

  • shared their experiences on public sector information management, including reference data, metadata and core data models;
  • presented the progress of the work since last face to face meeting and the last webinar of the Community of Practice;
  • agreed on the scope and the approach for good practices and lessons learnt for core data models and reference data.

View the presentations that were given during the workshop and access the agenda here.