Decision supporting tool on Interoperability - Your feedback!

Published on: 07/04/2021
Last update: 15/04/2021
Decision IOP tool

Upon the design of a new legislation that brings changes to existing digital environments, especially at a trans-European level, policymakers have to choose which would be the most effective and efficient approach for implementation. In this decision they may want to consider, among other aspects, the costs and benefits of including interoperability requirements in the future legal proposal, which will affect the design of the related digital solution.

The Legal Interoperability Team is currently reflecting on how to best provide support to policymakers to consider interoperability in policymaking and decision-making. The Decision supporting tool on interoperability is a guidance document that identifies a series of points and questions to guide policymakers in their policy assessments to consider interoperability and to adopt a methodology that will gradually facilitate the reuse of evidence in evaluations and impact assessments. This Tool can be used at all stages of the policy cycle, but it is particularly relevant when it comes to assessing impacts and designing policies and evaluating them. 


The Tool is a work in progress and we would really appreciate your feedback! Visit the Solution to download the Tool. 

Please feel free to share any input or feedback you may have in comment below or to reach out to us directly