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Last activity: 12/12/2022, 15:49

Share your needs or ideas with the BLSI Community!

Last activity: 10/03/2023, 15:40

What are your learning needs?

CollaborationeDelivery and eInvoicing+5 topics
Last activity: 17/01/2022, 22:26

Do multidisciplinary approaches enhance policy implementation?

ICTStandardisation+8 topics
Last activity: 17/09/2021, 10:24

Humble policy-making

LegalEuropean PoliciesCollaboration
Last activity: 15/04/2021, 09:57

Decision supporting tool on Interoperability - Your feedback!

eIdentity and eSignatureOpen Source Software+21 topics
Last activity: 29/04/2021, 15:56

Digital-ready policymaking - Your feedback!

ICTStandardisation+12 topics
Last activity: 01/10/2020, 08:15

Better Rules and Rules as Code -references (Australia, NZ mainly)

Last activity: 15/05/2020, 17:29

Lessons from COVID19: Focus on dependencies to foster interoperability?