Who we are

In a world of rapidly developing technologies, the ministers in charge of eGovernment policy across the European Union called upon the Commission in their Tallinn declaration "to fully integrate digital considerations into existing and future policy and regulatory initiatives".

Through our contacts with different actors at the EU and national level, our team realised that there was a lack of awareness in EU policy-making around ensuring digital-ready legislation and fostering legal interoperability. This results in obstacles and burdens when policies need to be implemented in a cross-border landscape. Moreover, different practices exist across policy-making institutions and silos prevent knowledge and inspiring practices to be shared.  

Our vision and mission


Vision and mission



Our audience


Our objective

Our objective is to build connections between the various segments and create a common universe.


Interoperability happens when you connect to the right people at the right moment, therefore:

“We are developing this community to share knowledge and connect you with experts and relevant stakeholders from the Commission, European Agencies and other public administrations in Member states” – Join us!

“We promote several events throughout the year where you can have first-hand contact with people from various backgrounds and experiences related to the drafting and implementation of policies, facilitating the establishment of long-lasting collaborative relationships”

”We will keep you up-to-date on best practices, relevant policies, tools and services that can be relevant to your policy domain. Visit our Knowledge Hub and subscribe to our newsletter here!”

“We are building a light training programme that will make you more versed in law or technology related topics, so that you can better manage or deal with diverse teams to ensure that that legislation is an enabler for an efficient and effective implementation of European public policies”