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This page is gathering all interesting activities that have been organised by our community as of 2020! You also have the chance to check the latest released newsletter, as well as the older newsletter editions.   


Are you curious what Legal Interoperability team is up to? 

Our team advocates for better legislation fit for digital age. While we have many initiatives and ideas in our pipeline, we would like to share with you some of the examples of what we are working on! 

  • In the upcoming months, we will invite you for more interesting virtual breakfasts with prominent speakers, where together we will explore regulatory sandboxes, organisational enablers of legal interoperability and many more. 
  • We have been working on a prototype for an automated policy screening tool. It will offer a tool to conduct a systematic screening to detect interoperability gaps and digital impacts in the EU policy initiatives and propose measures to mitigate them throughout entire policy cycle. 
  • Our team will continue working on the BLSI learning path, to assist policymakers in drafting smoothly designable, implementable and digital-ready legislation. 


Any suggestions?  

Stay tuned!.... and share your ideas and propositions in comments!  

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 Upcoming events

Upcoming Events





Stay tuned for the upcoming events! 

Past events and takeaways

Past events and takeaways




January BLSI virtual breakfast: (emerging) technologies and innovative practices in regulatory reporting 


March BLSI breakfast: Drafting and implementing regulatory sandboxes 

Takeaways and recording 

Knowledge Sharing Session Natural Language Processing for Public Services Takeaways
May BLSI virtual breakfast - When APIs meet Policymaking  Takeaways and recording
LEOS community webinar #5 Takeaways