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What are your learning needs?

Published on: 02/07/2021
Last update: 08/02/2023

Which learning needs do you have when it comes to formulating better legislation?

The Legal IOP team has identified a number of learning needs to foster better legislation in a digital world, based on the three main segments that are part of our ecosystem: 



  • Digital-ready drafting: formulating clear rules & reusing terminologies
  • Aligning policies with existing digital policies
  • Understanding ethics of technology in policy
  • Reusing IT solutions
  • Identifying and assessing digital impacts
  • Understanding innovative tools using new technologies to support policy
  • Applying once-only & reusing data
  • IT roles for policy
  • Understanding new trends in digital government transformation
  • Forming a multidisciplinary team
  • Streamlining existing business processes and designing new ones
  • Streamlining regulatory reporting
  • Understanding & applying interoperability

Consult our BLSI learning hub to learn more about the BLSI training and to find further training material. 

We want your feedback!

Do these needs resonate with your practice? 

Do you have any other learning needs?

Do you know any other relevant learning material?

Share your feedback in comments below! 


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Wed, 15/09/2021 - 11:33

I would like to expand my knowledge in the following areas

- What is the relationship between EIF legal layer and Interoperability governance and Integrated public service governance?
- What is the relationship between legal layer and other layers of interoperability (organizational, semantic, technical)?

- What are the relationships between objects contained in legal layer and other EIRA layers?…

Legislation digital check
- In the context o EIF Recommendation #27: Ensure that legislation is screened by means of ‘interoperability checks’, to identify any barriers to interoperability. When drafting legislation to establish a European public service, seek to make it consistent with relevant legislation, perform a ‘digital check’ and consider data protection requirements.
- What are the best practices on how to perform a "digital check" Identification of legal interoperability barriers.

Interoperability principles
- Should interoperability principles be part of legal regulations?

Digital policy making in the context of legal interoperability:
- Best practices, models, procesess, templates to re-use
- How to design policies and legal acts that can be effectively implemented?

Asessment of legal interoperability
- on the level of National Interoperability Framework impementation
- on the level of public digital service

Kind regards,

Michał Bukowski


Tue, 12/10/2021 - 11:32


Wed, 15/09/2021 - 15:34

Dear BLSI team, 


I think you have some very good and relevant topics covered already, and look forward to seeing the learning hub developing!

An additional topic you could consider to address is linked to awareness raising and ownership. How do we raise awareness on the need to write legislation in a new way, and how do we create ownership around the idea of making digital ready legislation also in sectors not directly working on digital policies? I often see collegaues in other policy areas not realising that this is relevant also to them. 

I look forward to the breakfast meeting tomorrow!

Kind regards,

Astrid Solhaug

Norwegian Resource Centre for Sharing of Data

Norwegian Digitalisation Agency




Tue, 12/10/2021 - 11:47

Dear Mihal and Astrid,

following up on your comments and our workshop we have updated the learning needs tree in our BLSI Learning Hub | Joinup ( Our first demo-training is also now public. I will share the link later today.


Kind regards

Isa from the legal interoperability team