EOLE 2021 | Legal aspects on free software in public administrations: hands on

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Published on: 20/05/2021

Are you interested in the legal aspects of Open Source, Open Data, Open Hardware and so on? 

As stated in the EIF (see in particular recommendations 2 and 3), using Open Source Software (OSS) technologies and products in public administrations can help save development cost, avoid a lock-in effect and allow fast adaptation to specific business needs because the developer communities that support them are constantly adapting them. OSS is key to allow reusability. Yet, knowledge around those is still limited, which is why sharing knowledge and good practices is essential. 

The 13th edition of the European Open source & free software Law Event (EOLE) 2021, Legal aspects on free software in public administrations: hands on, is running since November 2020 with a series of interesting webinars.  

This international annual conference cycle aims to promote the share and dissemination of legal knowledge related to free software, as well as the development and promotion of good practices in this area. As an initiative born in 2008 from practitioners' needs, EOLE’s purpose is to develop a legal doctrine dedicated to the dissemination of neutral and qualitative information.  

The six previous webinars were focusing on the free software acquisition by public administration, the public sector collaborations around FOSS projects, the open source governance within public administrations, the open science and open source, the tools for public administrations and the Open Source Programme Office (OSPO) for which there are recordings available on the event page.  

The 7th webinar, is the closing session of the EOLE 2021, “Legal aspects on free software in public administrations: hands on” and will take place on 2 June from 11:30 AM - 1 PM. It will present the takeaways of the event and discuss perspectives moving forward. 

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