Future of legal drafting assistance

Future of legal drafting assistance

Published on: 18/02/2022
Last update: 21/02/2022

Have you thought of the future of legal drafting? We did!

Under the framework of the 2021 European Forum of Official Gazettes the Legal Interoperability team shared their vision on how innovative technologies can support policymakers in attempting to make the policy cycle smoother and easier to implement.

We invite you to check out the video embodying our vision on the future of platforms for legal drafting:


Interoperability of legal information – endorsed by linked data and the use of innovative technologies – is a key factor to support policymakers in drafting legal texts. These could allow for smart and automated assistance in legal drafting of EU laws, including cross-referencing and contextualization of legal drafting in the legal environment, reuse of the defined legal concepts and many, many more!

The tool described in the video is supported by LEOS (Legislation Editing Open Software) – an open source software designed to help those involved in draſting legislation. While some of the featured functionalities are long-term future aspirations, LEOS team is exploring ways of integrating Artificial Intelligence in the drafting cycle to support smart policymaking.

LEOS recently conducted a study on ‘Drafting legislation in the era of AI and digitization’. The study

  • demonstrates the huge potential of ‘LegalTech’ by piloting four concrete use cases and identifies ‘smart’ functionalities to ease and improve the work of legal drafters/policy developers,
  • identifies roadblocks in the introduction of ‘LegalTech’,
  • discusses the adoption of an open-source approach,
  • offers indications of how to potentially proceed with a full- scale implementation.

The study confirms the huge potential and value innovative IT can bring to law-making, the importance of standards such as AKN4EU, the richness of knowledge that can be extracted from the legal data stored in e.g., EUR-LEX and as already indicated the transformative power brought about by the concept of machine processable law.

If you are curious about the ways AI and digitalization can transform policymaking, the materials and takeaways of the webinar will be published on the webinar page.

Are you interested to learn more about LEOS? Check out their page and subscribe to their newsletter.

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