Issue paper on multidisciplinary teams

New Paper Published: Multidisciplinary teams in digital-ready policymaking

Published on: 17/01/2022
Last update: 21/01/2022
digital-ready policymaking

To better understand the characteristics of multidisciplinary teamwork, thus promote digital-ready policymaking, the legal interoperability team of the European Commission has published an issue paper on multidisciplinary teams in digital-ready policymaking for discussion in our BLSI community.

The legal interoperability team produced this paper based on the experience gained through studying of inspiring practices around the world, as well as the interoperability screening of upcoming Commission proposals. Also, the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) reflects the need for multidisciplinarity as part of its recommendation towards a holistic approach.

As multidisciplinary teamwork is the key enabler for digital-ready policymaking, the ultimate goal of this paper is to facilitate policymakers in the development and delivery of policies that can be smoothly and seamlessly implemented.

Do you wish to regulate modern societal issues in an effective way, while also benefitting from (often) innovative technologies?

Reading through the paper you will learn:

  • What a multidisciplinary team is;
  • How multidisciplinary teams are involved in digital-ready policymaking;
  • Who should be part of a multidisciplinary team in digital-ready policymaking;
  • The added value and challenges of multidisciplinary teams;
  • How to foster a multidisciplinary team in an organisation;
  • How to support & manage a multidisciplinary team;
  • Recommendations and best practices to adopt in the future.

You can find the paper here or further below to this page in attachment.


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The ideas presented in this paper serve as a basis for discussion among all those involved in multidisciplinary teams in digital-ready policymaking.

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