Nordic Smart Government | May 2022 Breakfast Key takeaways

Discover the Nordic Smart Government | May 2022 BLSI Breakfast “When APIs meet Policymaking” Key takeaways

Published on: 16/05/2022

On May 5, the Better Legislation for Smoother Implementation hosted a virtual breakfast on how the use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) can help digital-ready policymaking.

During the webinar, the participants had the chance to get hands-on experience from the presentation of the Nordic collaboration and development of the NSG&B project where the importance of APIs and the deriving digital-ready policymaking considerations were highlighted by Kjersti Lunde, NSG&B Programme manager at the Danish Business Authority.

Our takeaways from her talk are presented below, together with her presentation and the video recording.


Key Takeaways

  • NSG &B program is a collaboration between 20 Nordic organisations out of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, with all the Nordic Business Registries and Tax Authorities as contract partners.
  • The collaboration was started in 2016 by the business registries and it has gradually evolved to become such a big collaboration.
  • NSG&B participants share a common vision, which is to create value for the small and medium sized enterprises  by making real time business data accessible and usable for innovation and growth across the Nordic region, in an automatic, consent based and secure manner.
  • Small and medium sized enterprises are more than 90% of businesses in the Nordic region, which means that the project includes many businesses who have a relatively high burden of administration compared to their size.
  • More and more data are required and   the demand for sustainability data will increase, from both customers and government in the near future.
  • In a long run,  NSG&B could expand its ambitions since the Nordic countries are very similar in many ways. They not only share the same values to a large scale and the same goals, but also they have the same challenges when it comes to digitalization in their region, as well as a higher maturity of digitalization in their SMEs.
  • For NSG&B, the effort is very much about supporting interoperability and portability between systems or services so that the data can flow machine to machine APIs instead of being typed into systems.
  • Just by sharing the business data with other businesses, it offers better business intelligence and other database services.
  • The values of making business data accessible and usable in real time for new products and services, is estimated to be over 25 billion euros annually.
  • The increased use of structured business data gives more and higher quality data in the digital business systems (ERP) and less manual steps, opens up for more efficient communication with existing business partners, and makes the basis for new data driven  services and new business opportunities and public authorities.
  • Business data is a flowing data for different use: order, invoice, receipt, bookkeeping, 3rd parties and reporting. Automatic flow of structured and standardized data for new services, for credit assessment, business intelligence and automatic reporting to authorities.
  • The efficient sharing and use of standardized financial business data is a foundation to be built upon, for which APIs are a proven efficient means.
  • There are legal barriers as well as enablers to real time data sharing.
  • NSG&B has common interests in EU-regulation, which is supporting its vision.
  • NSG&B sets a very ambitious common roadmap in APIs based services.


Presentations and recording

Scroll down to download the webinar key takeaways summary – that includes the Q&A too - and the speakers’ presentations. 

Click here to watch the recording of the session. 


Next steps

The session gave our LIOP team a lot of food for thought to design our future activities. Become a member of our community and share your ideas and propositions for the next BLSI sessions in the comments!

We look forward to seeing you in our next virtual breakfast sessions!

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