Assessment of economic opportunities and barriers related to geospatial data in the context of the Digital Single Market

The study, performed by Wavestone for the JRC, aims at analysing and identifying the economic opportunities and barriers associated with the use of the geospatial data in the context of the Digital Single Market. More specifically, the study explores the context in which geospatial data is used for service and product creation across Europe, aims to identify the main actors associated with the sharing and reuse of geospatial data, analyse the barriers faced by them when working with geospatial data, and finally, to identify the opportunities associated with the wider sharing and reuse of geospatial data.

For the purpose of the study, a case study research approach was taken. Five different case studies were selected, all exhibiting different contexts of the use of geospatial data for service and product creation. The case studies analysed in the study are: Public Services on the Map (PDOK) in the Netherlands, Smart Open Data Portugal-Spain Pilot, the FOODIE project, Innovate UK programme, and the Danish Basic Data programme. The case studies exhibit a variation in terms of stakeholder interaction, geographical coverage, the ownership of geospatial data (public or private), and domain coverage (transportation, agriculture, agroforestry management, etc.). For each case study, a list of stakeholders was identified and interviews were scheduled with each. For the purpose of the study, a total of 16 interviews were held, with stakeholders ranging from owners of governmental data portals, private sector re-users of open geospatial data, and third sector organisations. The case study analysis, together with complementary desk research reveals the findings in the context of geospatial data usage, main actors involved in the geospatial data ecosystem, value created, barriers as well as opportunities related to the reuse of geospatial data. Given the main findings of the study, recommendations are put forward for both for the EU policy makers and European Member States.


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