Geo Knowledge Base Service

The ELISE Geo Knowledge Base Service fosters the reusability of solutions in the context of location interoperability.

Moreover, the underlying approach explores how knowledge about (location) interoperability can be represented and shared with different stakeholders, including the pilot/application methodologies

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Knowledge Transfer and capacity building

ELISE is undertaking this activity in a number of ways, including videos, webinars, online guidance, training materials, presentations and workshops.

A recent focus has been the development of ‘rapid studies’ each with a supporting webinar, providing a rolling programme for those wishing to follow latest developments in the field. [read more]


Location Interoperability Framework Observatory (LIFO)

The Location Interoperability Framework Observatory (LIFO) is a domain-specific observatory relating to location interoperability. It provides a tool to monitor, assess and report on the state of play of location data in Member States' digital government programmes. [read more]