Frameworks and Solutions

ELISE is developing a framework of guidelines, recommendations and reusable tools for implementing and enabling geospatial interoperability, building on the initial work of EULF and ARe3NA, and evolving to address the implications of new policies and technologies.

Besides, ELISE is investigating disruptive technological developments for data exchange, licensing, privacy, and new ways of finding and using location data. 

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ELISE Re3gistry software

The Re3gistry is a reusable open-source solution for managing and sharing ‘reference codes’, ensuring concepts are correctly referenced in any other sector. Licensed under the EUPL, it has been developed in a context neutral way as an open-source project, so that it can be deployed or further developed for any sector wanting to have authentic reference data/codes made available for information systems and human users. [read more]


INSPIRE Reference Validator

ELISE is supporting INSPIRE implementers validating their different resources (datasets, metadata and services) through:

  • the development and improvement of the ETF testing framework software,
  • the development of new Abstract Test Suites (ATS) and Executable Test Suites (ETS),
  • and the provision of support to the user and developer community through a dedicated helpdesk.

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European Union Location Framework Blueprint  

The European Union Location Framework Blueprint is a guidance framework for 'location-enabling' digital government. The framework is divided into five focus areas, where a 'current state' assessment and 'future state' vision are outlined, and practical recommendations, 'how to' checklists, and best practice references are provided. [read more]