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ELISE is developing pilots and applications to test principles in practice, offer lessons and resources for others to build upon, provide the basis for a widespread rollout, and show the benefits of location interoperability.

These pilots support either pan-European reference data solutions (e.g. gazetteer services) or domain-specific applications (e.g. Energy Efficiency of Buildings and Intelligent Transport Systems).


Energy & Location Applications

The current applications involve the definition and execution of a series of use cases, aimed at demonstrating the added value of geospatial data within the Energy Performance and Buildings Directive (EPBD), the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) policy lifecycles.

The use cases are related to:

  • the assessment of energy performance of buildings using 3D buildings data and energy consumption dynamic data,
  • the use of digital platforms for the smart management of public lighting,
  • the development of a regional energy strategy, and
  • the re-use in other countries of a methodology developed previously in the project to harmonise Energy Performance Certificates of Buildings.

The ELISE Energy & Location Applications activities (formerly known as Energy Pilot) started in 2015 under the EULF action and are now continuing under the ELISE action.

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EU Gazetteer Common Service

ELISE is investigating real examples of data reuse and data flows that demonstrate the demand for, and take-up of, interoperable data solutions. These investigations include an evaluation, based on use cases, of different EU gazetteer services (e.g. geographical names, addresses).

To determine the suitability of available open EU gazetteer solutions based on actual demand and evaluation of the solutions, the work involves the:

  • Identification of use cases and support to their gazetteer evaluations;
  • Support to DG ESTAT data acquisition;
  • Development of a cultural heritage testbed;
  • Reporting on findings, recommendations and next steps

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