Transfer knowledge through gamification

Reusable board game toolkit

Published on: 02/02/2022
Last update: 07/02/2022
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The reusable board game toolkit offers a set of ingredients and conditions to transfer knowledge between organisations.

Any organisation can learn and experiment with a set of anticipated challenges to be answered throughout the gameplay.

The reusable board game toolkit allows creating synergies across organisations.

Advantages of learning by using a board game

The reusable toolkit is composed of the following elements:

  • Boardgame: Divided into 6 categories that will be assigned to each player/team. Each category has 6 placeholders tokens for the exchange of information.
  • Category booklets: 6 category booklets with 12 questions and 1 insight per question.
  • Insight cards:72 cards, 12 questions per category (4 questions per difficulty level)
  • Tokens: 36 tokens, 6 colours.
  • Rulebook: Contains all the rules to start playing the game and secondary information to consult during the game.
  • Content Spreadsheet: Contains all questions, answers and insights that comprise the game content.
  • Printing manual: Contains all instructions to print and distribute the game and materials.
  • Feedback template: After the game, players should submit it to establish a communication channel.
  • Fonts: Use this set of fonts to integrate your texts into the game graphic design


Download here the reusable toolkit game, its separate elements, the game setup and instructions to play or apply it to any domain of your interest.


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