Final workshop of the ELISE INSPIRE-MMTIS Study: support to Multi-Modal Travel Information Services EC Regulation


The main findings of the study have been presented to the ITS experts nominated by the Member States during a final workshop held in Bruxelles on 27 of March 2019 (presentation available below).

The study aimed to define and apply a methodology to identify overlaps and gaps between the different standards involved in the EU-wide multimodal travel information services (MMTIS) Regulation (TransModel, NeTEx, Datex, TAP-TSI, IATA, INSPIRE).

Provision of recommendations to Member States about how to handle the overlaps when implementing the MMTIS Regulation have been produced in close coordination with DG MOVE.

This study has now been completed. The gaps and the overlaps have been identified and the recommendations to the Member States’ organizations responsible for the set-up and operation of their National Access Points have been formulated.

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