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Policy-making benefits from collaborative networks and multidisciplinary approaches that help providing a better legislative answer to societal issues. This community aims to foster connecting people, organisations and solutions.
Zsofia Sziranyi
Supra-national authority

More specifically, this community aims to connect different stakeholders involved in policymaking and policy implementation (policy officers, public service implementers, service managers, IT specialists, data engineers, etc.) in order to design policies and legal acts that can be effectively implemented – often through digital means. It is a collaborative space to give insights on the formulation of digital-ready policies and on digital solutions, which can foster digital-ready policymaking.  It is also a place, where stakeholders can engage with each other, discuss hot topics, stay informed on current events and access resources, tools and support.

To learn more about the team behind the community - including our mission & vision -, visit our Who we are page


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