About ELI ontology for draft legislation (ELI-DL)

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The ELI (European Legislation Identifier) ontology for draft legislation (abbreviated ELI-DL) is an extension of the core ELI ontology that gives a formal data model to disseminate structured data about legislative projects. In particular it enables the structured annotation of existing web pages (using RDFa or JSON-LD) in order to turn their information into machine-readable data.

The aim is to support the following use-cases :

  • easier and earlier data exchange between legal information systems; typically enable Member States to know that an EU Procedures foresees an impact on existing legislation, and prepare its transposition earlier;
  • legal monitoring of legislative projects to be alerted early on the legislation being drafted;
  • cross-link the description of the legislative project across multiple websites (typically OJ, parliament and comitees websites);
  • increased transparency to the public;

ELI-DL enables the description of the 3 following main entities :

  • LegislativeProjects (eli-dl:LegislativeProject), from the initial proposal to the final publication in an OJ;
  • LegalActivities (eli-dl:LegalActivity) occuring during the legislative projects, such as reading before a chamber, opinions received, signature, votes, etc.
  • LegislativeProjectWorks (eli-dl:LegislativeProjectWork), the documents being created during the projects, including the successive versions of the legislation itself, and its proposed amendments; in particular, ELI-DL enables the description of foreseen impact of draft legislation on existing legislation;

ELI-DL is an extension of the FRBRoo and CIDOC-CRM ontologies.

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