ICEGOV 2020 | Plenary session on Inspiring the future of Digital Governance

Event date:
Published on: 21/09/2020

This session will debate the future of Digital Governance within the rapidly evolving global landscape, and with a specific focus on the European Union policy context, characterised by the recent launch of the strategy for shaping Europe´s Digital Future and the ´Digital Decade´ package.

FInal DIGIGOV report
JRC Science for Policy Report


The session will start right after the keynote by Natalia Aristimuño Pérez titled "Interoperability: some order for the chaos of disruption!" with the announcement by Gianluca Misuraca, of the launch of the JRC Science for Policy Report ´Exploring Digital Government Transformation: understanding public sector innovation in a data-driven society´ outcome of the DigiGov research project conducted by the European Commission´s Joint Research Centre, within the framework of the ELISE Action of the ISA2 Programme of DIGIT, and involving a community of recognised experts and representatives of key stakeholders.

Drawing on the scenarios for Digital Europe at the horizon 2040 designed as part of the DigiGov research, the panellists will present and discuss results from work conducted by the European Commission services and future orientations in the area of Innovative Public Services and Smart Cities, as well as the experience of the OECD on Digital government and open data, focusing on how Artificial Intelligence and other cognitive and predictive emerging technological paradigms can reshape the relationship between government and citizens, and how to rebuild trust in the public sector, redefining governance in a human-centric perspective.


Moderator: Gianluca Misuraca


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