Solution: Core Vocabularies

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General Information


Name of the solution: Core Vocabularies

Solution's owner: DG DIGIT, European Commission, Europe

Description: Core Vocabularies are simplified, reusable, and extensible data models that capture the fundamental characteristics of an entity, such as a person or a public organisation, in a context-neutral manner. 

Type of solution: Semantic asset

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Core Vocabularies  implements the following:

Principles Interoperability layers Conceptual model
Openness Interoperability governance ✅ Open data
✅ Reusability  ✅ Semantic interoperability  
✅ Technological neutrality    

Core Vocabularies  implements the following recommendations as explained below:

✅ Recommendation 4  | Principle 2: Openness
Core Vocabularies are fully open source data models that can be used by any stakeholder. 

✅ Recommendation 6  | Principle 4: Reusability 
Stakeholders can reuse the core vocabularies to design new data models that
extend the Core Vocabularies, whist still ensuring a minimum core-sector interoperability

✅ Recommendation 9  | Principle 5: Technological neutrality
By providing common data models in which to structure and describe data, core vocabularies help to ensure data portability. 

✅ Recommendation 23  | Interoperability layer: Interoperability governance
Users interested in using Core Vocabularies can select from core vocabularies that are most useful to their needs. The Core Vocabularies also contain a list of standard syntaxes that have mappings to the Core Vocabularies.

✅ Recommendation 25  | Interoperability layer: Integrated public service governance
The Core Vocabularies can become the basis of a context-specific information exchange data model used to exchange data between information systems. 

✅ Recommendation 30  | Interoperability layer: Semantic interoperability
The use of Core Vocabularies contributes to proper management and sharing of public data. 

✅ Recommendation 42  | Conceptual model: Open data
The use of Core Vocabularies can serve as the foundation of a common export format for data in base registries like cadastres, business registers and service portals. 


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