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SEMIC 2018 Linked Digital Public Administrations

Published on: 31/08/2018 Last update: 08/03/2019 Event Archived
National Palace of Culture is situated in Sofia, Bulgaria 1463, "Bulgaria" Square 1

The 8th edition of SEMIC, the annual semantic interoperability conference, was held in Sofia, Bulgaria on 14 June 2018. The event, organised by the ISA² Programme of the European Commission in collaboration with the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU, brought together policy makers, IT practitioners and researchers interested in topics related to semantic interoperability for public administration.

This year, the theme of the conference was "Linked Digital Public Administrations". Nowadays, public administrations exchange data with each other and with citizens and businesses, interconnect their systems and link their data. This brings direct benefit to citizens, as they do not have to provide the same information several times. Therefore, the interconnection of base registers, such as business registers, land registers, etc. plays an important role.

At the same time, these registers hold data of immense value for the public, making these and other data produced by public services available and linkable with data from other sources. This provides opportunities for large-scale data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, as a source of knowledge for society as a whole. The participants of SEMIC 2018 had an opportunity to discover and share current trends and recent developments in relation to these topics.

SEMIC 2018 Multimedia Library:

During the conference, don't forget to visit the exhibition area!

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How was SEMIC 2017?

SEMIC 2017 attracted 220 participants on-site and further 800+ online. Such attendance made this SEMIC the most successful one so far. Recall the best moments in the SEMIC 2017 Highlights Report and the Conference video.

In 2018, we want to make it even better!

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Registration & Coffee (8:30-9:30)

Opening - Bulgarian Presidency:

Promotional video by the Bulgarian Presidency to the Council of the EU
Alexander Yolovski, S.E.G.A, Bulgaria 

Keynote: Mariya Gabriel, EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society

Introduction by Gertrud Ingestad, Director-General of DG DIGIT, European Commission

"Access to base registers and interconnections between the building blocks - key enablers in the end-to-end principle of eGovernment" - Alexander Yolovski, S.E.G.A, Bulgaria [download slides]

Keynote: "Efficient data sharing under democratic governance" - Jens Krieger Røyen, Head of Division, Danish Agency for Digitisation [download slides]

Coffee Break (11:00-11:30)

Session I: Base Registries (11:30-13:00)
ISA² Access to Base Registries: Peter Burian, DG DIGIT, European Commission [download slides]

Business Registers Interconnection Systems: Vincent Dijkstra, DG DIGIT, European Commission [download slides]

A Common Semantic Model for the Once-Only Principle: Jack Verhoosel, TNO [download slides]

Central Ontological Model for Base Registries Data in Slovakia: Miroslav Liska, Slovakia [download slides]

Land Registers Interconnection: Gabriel Sima, DG JUST, European Commission [download slides]

Networking Lunch (13:00-14:30)

Project corners / Demos:

Vocbench Demo: Denis Dechandon, EU Publications Office

SCOOP4C, Stakeholder Community Once-Only Principle for Citizens: Michaela Führer

ELRC, Europan Language Resource Coordination: Lili Smal and Aivars Berzinš

IMOLA II: Jesús Camy (ELRA)


Session II: The Single Digital Gateway (14:30-14:45)
Fleur Breuillin, DG GROW, European Commission [download slides]

Session III: Parallel sessions (14:50-15:30)
1) OSLO: Raf Buyle, Flanders [download slides]
Methodology and Tools - support for Semantic Interoperability: Per de Place Bjørn, Denmark [download slides]

2) Financial Data Standardisation, DG FISMA RegTech project: Peter van den Hul, DG FISMA, European Commission [download slides]
Interoperability of Chemical Data: Francois Mestre, European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) [download slides]

3) National Metadata Architecture & Interoperability Workbench: Suvi Remes, Ministry of Finance, Finland [download slides]
Doris: Franco Accordino, DG CNECT, European Commission [download slides]

Coffee Break (15:30-16:00)

Session IV: Emerging Technologies (16:00-16:45)
Artificial Intelligence at the service of the citizen: the Italian task force: Enzo Maria Le Fevre / Dr. Marco Bani, Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale [download slides]

Blockchain Cadastre: Jacques Vos, Kadaster, Netherlands [download slides]

Panel: Digital Strategies (16:45-17:30)
Laura Rodríguez, AGESIC, Uruguay [download slides]
Kenji Hiramoto, National strategy office of IT, Cabinet Secretariat, Japan [download slides]
Anna Panagopoulou, Director, DG RTD J,  European Commission
Luis Felipe Salin Monteiro, Secretary of State, Brazil 
Moderator: Vassilios Peristeras

Closing (17:30-17:45)
Emanuele Baldacci, Director of DG DIGIT, European Commission

Networking drink (17:45-19:00)

Physical location
National Palace of Culture is situated in Sofia, Bulgaria 1463, "Bulgaria" Square 1