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The Interoperable Europe Academy (IOPEU Academy) started in 2019, funded under ISA2 and is now a key element of the European Commission's Interoperable Europe initiative. It aims to expand the advanced digital skills of public Administrations in the area of interoperability, in order to support policy, service delivery and impact evaluation. To achieve this goal, the IOPEU Academy offers all online, self-paced Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). In addition, several actions run in parallel to increase awareness towards interoperability such as events, webinars, collaboration with universities, organisations, public administrations and other relevant actors that have an active role in digital transformation and interoperability. 

The Europe Interoperable Academy


IOPEU Academy Resources



IOPEU Academy resources are in two different platforms: Joinup, and the EU Academy.


  • Parallelly, the EU Academy hosts the Interoperable Europe Academy eLearning courses and community, gathering all online, self-paced courses, accessible 24/7, accompanied with live teaching sessions. To learn more about the courses available under the IOPEU Academy, you may access its community space or use the keyword interoperability in the search engine of the EU Academy! Currently, we have 22 online courses hosted in the EU Academy.



Key AchievementsLine

Moreover, other key achievements of the IOPEU Academy until now are:

Academy milestones. More than 20 courses and 2500 learners



The future of the IOPEU Academy




For 2023 and onwards, the main objective of the IOPEU Academy will be reusability, aiming to expand the reach by creating content that can be used as much as possible. This will involve sharing instructions for the reuse and creation of learning materials as well as providing support to users. In addition, the IOPEU Academy curriculum will be developed based on the latest trends and needs of digital skills training in the public sector. The IOPEU Academy aims to produce in the following years more quality oriented courses.



Additionally, the IOPEU Academy will be focusing from 2023 onwards on community creation and user engagement. An action on this topic will be setting-up an Academic/Event Calendar for 2023 in the EU Academy hosted space, publishing more eLearning content including courses, events, lecture series, seasonal schools. Further, to increase the community around advanced digital skills & encouraging exchange, multilingualism will be key, with the objective to have IOPEU Academy courses translated into all the languages of the EU.



Contact us at IOP-ACADEMY@ec.europa.eu if you have any questions about the Academy’s content!

You can also stay tuned for updates on Twitter (@InteroperableEU) and LinkedIn (Interoperable Europe) for general information about interoperability. Also, you may stay updated in twitter through @Joinup_eu or Joinup’s webpage, where we tend to share any new content published under the Digital Skills in the Public Sector collection and IOPEU Academy solution.


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