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IOPEU Academy @12th Samos 2022 Summit on ICT-Enabled Governance

IOPEU Academy Samos Summit 2022

Published on: 18/07/2022 News Archived

Interoperable Europe Academy  participated at the Samos Summit on ICT-Enabled Governance!

The 12th Samos 2022 Summit on ICT-Enabled Governance took place in July 4-6 2022 at the University of the Aegean premises in Samos, Greece and was in conjunction with The 9th International Summer School On Open and Collaborative Governance.

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The session Session 3: Interoperability Solutions was chaired by Professor Euripidis Loukis from the  University of the Aegean and Victoria Kalogirou with  Georges Lobo from  European Commission presented the progress of IOPEU Academy from 2019 and onwards, the new courses that are currently available and the vision of the future.

The participants had the opportunity not only to learn the existing state of affairs but to discuss and provide input of what they would like to see in the upcoming courses.

Moreover, the Interoperability introductory course was presented highlighting the need for a solid understanding about interoperability, the interoperability environment at high level and the respective initiatives of the European Commission.

  • Enroll to the courses of IOPEU Academy via by searching interoperability as a keyword
  • Find interoperability an Introductory course here


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