ELISE Rapid Studies and Webinars

What is a “Rapid Study”?

Under the umbrella of the ISA² ELISE Action, the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC) has launched a series of 12 ‘Rapid Studies’ to investigate topics related to ‘location interoperability’ and the digital transformation of government.

In this context, Rapid Studies can be defined as brief but detailed analysis of emerging topics supporting the generation and sharing of knowledge about location interoperability and digital transformation using sources from both research and practice”.

The main focus of the studies is to answer a key question:

What is the role of ‘geospatial’ (data, information, solutions, technology, thinking…) in the digital transformation of government?

The purpose of the Rapid Studies is to shed light on emerging phenomena, raise awareness about innovative aspects related to location interoperability and digital transformation, while generating interest for further research/piloting and discussion. For this reason, the Rapid Studies will be somewhat incomplete, delivered quickly to provide some up-to-date information and evolve in an agile way to respond to emerging needs. Furthermore, in order to give robust answers to the research questions involved, a peer and expert review process takes place through public webinars for open debate and feedback. ELISE has covered many aspects in this context already but we want to know if you think we are looking at the right things in the right way: are some topics more important than others? Was there some aspect we missed that you know about? What else should we investigate and with whom?

The list of topics evolves based on stakeholder inputs and currently includes:

  • The role of geospatial data and digital government transformation
  • APIs: benefits and governance models for the public sectors
  • Unique and Persistent Identifiers between data, organisations and sectors
  • ….

Additional topics for the Rapid Studies will be discussed with Member State representatives and included in this list over the course of ELISE.

What is the purpose of the webinars?

Each rapid study will be accompanied by a webinar. The webinars help gather stakeholders’ feedback on the preliminary results of the study and consult experts and interested parties through the webinar’s discussions and the sharing of examples, best practices and other resources. Webinars will last for 1h-1h30 (depending on the specific subject) and any interested person will be able to register and join. All webinars are recorded and slides and these recordings (as well as a short summary) are published on JoinUp so anyone can follow progress in the discussion.

How can I register and find out more?

  1. ELISE Action Webinar on the role of Geospatial for Digital Government Transformation (Date: 07/05 at 14h00). Here, you will find the finalised slides and recordings.
  2. ELISE Action Webinar on the governance models, ecosystems and benefits of APIs for public sector organisations (11/06 at 14h00). The finalised slides and recordings will be available soon on this page. 
  3. ELISE Action Webinar on Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) as the glue for linking information infrastructures (Date: 15/07 at 14:00). If interested, please register here
  4. .....

How can I get involved and what is in for me?

If you are interested in attending one or more webinars on topics that are relevant to you and participate in the discussions, do not hesitate to regularly consult this page and check the list of upcoming webinars.

All active participants will also receive a link to summary reports and related outputs from ELISE helping to guide your organisation/business through geospatial aspects of digital transformation, available later this year.

In addition, benefits of participation include:

  • Free access to information about emerging topics related to the modernisation of public administrations
  • The opportunity to raise awareness with a pan-European audience about interoperability and modernisation issues within ELISE’s scope
  • The possibility to promote your activities/best practices/projects etc. in other ELISE outputs and events 

If you wish to suggest a new topic for a Rapid Study in a topic that you find interesting, want to know more about the ELISE Action, or provide any other form of feedback, please contact Robin S. Smith (Robin.SMITH(at)ec.europa.eu).