ELISE Webinar - The role of Organisational Interoperability in the context of Geospatial and Digital Government Transformation

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Published on: 20/01/2020

According to the European Interoperability Framework (EIF), organisational interoperability refers to the way in which public administrations align their business processes, responsibilities and expectations to achieve commonly agreed and mutually beneficial goals.” This concept encompasses aspects linked not only to the alignment of business processes and organisational relationships but also to formalised data exchange agreements, all of which are relevant to the location interoperability focus of the ELISE Action. In the past few years, the development of interoperable Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) under the INSPIRE Directive has involved organisational interoperability aspects, aiding collaborations between data providers and more formalised ‘sharing and reuse’ approaches.

Today, the process of Digital Government Transformation, which constitutes a range of “fundamental changes” for public authorities (see definition of Zhang et al., 2014), also has a number of impacts in terms of organisational interoperability, for example by making organisational relationships more complex through the involvement of new stakeholders and new processes. Recently, the study on the role of SDIs for Digital Government Transformation has helped to highlight some examples of how organisational interoperability intervenes in this new context and for the development of location-based public services and policies.  

Building also on previous work, the overall aim of this webinar is to shed light on what organisational interoperability means from a Digital Government Transformation perspective and for Spatial Data Infrastructures in Europe. By looking at current organisational interoperability challenges in the geospatial data and Digital Government Transformation domains, this webinar aims to start a process of scoping and reflection on these currently separate topics, to discuss their implications with practitioners and to gather emerging good practices and solutions for possible sharing and reuse.



The webinar will take place on the 11th of February from 14h to 15h30. 

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1. What is Organisational Interoperability (OI)

  • Understanding OI
  • OI in practice: examples of good practices
  • Lessons learnt from good practices

2.Organisational Interoperability and Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)

  • The relation between SDIs and OI
  • The Assets of the INSPIRE Directive
  • Organisational interoperability from an SDIs perspective
  • Contribution from ELISE and the EULF Blueprint
  • Organisational interoperability challenges for SDIs

3. Organisational Interoperability and Digital Government Transformation (DGT)

  • Understanding DGT: definition and relation to SDIs
  • Linking OI and DGT
  • Possible future challenges

4. Open questions and discussion points

5. Conclusions

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