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Community of Interoperability Solution Repositories

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CISR is a community of interest that has the objective to bring together e-Government professional from the public sector, representatives of standardisation organisation, representatives of software repositories, businesses and academia to:

  • disseminate good practices on sharing and reusing interoperability solutions;
  • encourage Member States to set policies, processes, and infrastructures for developing, sharing and reusing interoperability solutions; and
  • improve, expand and promote the Interoperability Solutions on Joinup.

Federation of interoperability solutions

The federated catalogue of interoperability solutions, enabled by a standardized way of describing these solutions (by using the Asset Description Metadata Schema Application Profile for Joinup (ADMS-AP), allows to search for interoperability solutions available on different repositories on the Web from a single point of access.


Describing the interoperability solutions in a standard way enables solutions owners to easily exchange the solutions’ description metadata with each other and federate them using the Joinup or other platforms. Such federation makes their solutions accessible to a wider audience, resulting in more reuse. The solution owner can keep his own system for hosting the interoperability solution, while in the description metadata of the solution an access URL is included, giving the location from where the solution can be downloaded.


Repositories already sharing their solutions on Joinup

The Community of Interoperability Solution Repositories is already composed of 42 partner organisations sharing their solutions on Joinup: 

12 EU Member States national and regional initiatives

9 European initiatives (included EU-funded projects and European Institutions)

5 Standardisation bodies and initiatives

9 Federated Oped Source Software Forges

5 other stakeholders

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