Background and scope

API for INSPIRE This activity also known as API4INSPIRE aims to investigate new developments in geospatial standards and technologies, foremost the new OGC APIFeatures and OGC SensorThings API, together with the outcomes of the INSPIRE MIG Action 2017.2 on alternative encodings for INSPIRE data.

A evaluation strategy is being developed for determining how these new standards can best be utilised to leverage existing investments by EU Member States in INSPIRE implementation, as well as supporting new developments in e-Government and the Digital Single Market.

The evaluation has a strong focus on various facets of usability, ranging from the configuration and deployment aspects of services to the ease of uptake of the API. A wide range of stakeholders are involved in the evaluation process.

This activity has a strong "hands-on" component. Standard-based APIs are deployed and analysed in partnership with volunteer European data providers.

The activity lead contractor is Fraunhofer IOSB (supported by GeoSolutions and Datacove.eu) with the participation of six data providers from Germany, France and Austria.

Outputs of the activity

Since the project started, several use-cases have been investigated, including:

Airy Austria Air quality and meteorological data, together with data on the air transport network.
Urban Data Platform Hamburg Huge volume of sensor and geo data , smart city applications and standard-based APIs in between.
Franco-Germanic Flows Cross-border Water data providing alternative perspectives on the Rhine.
COVID-19 ad-hoc Based on current events, an interesting collection of air quality, COVID-19 cases and a background layer of demographic data is made available through standards-based APIs.

Different standard implementations are used in the project, most importantly the open source ‘GeoServer’ and the Fraunhofer Open Source SensorThings Server (FROST). In addition, a specific implementation of the OGC API – Features has been developed under the API4INSPIRE project.

Additional Information

The topic was presented at ELISE at INSPIRE 2020 online conference, in the webinar ‘INSPIRE/API’

Check out the API4INSPIRE GitHub page for additional information: https://datacoveeu.github.io/API4INSPIRE/